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Real Estate Scandal
The Dirty Secrets of
Australia’s Richest
Investors EXPOSED!

Everyday investors have been fleeced long’s time to reveal the filthy lies keeping you from financial freedom through real estate


You’re about to discover…

  • The TRUTH about real estate investing in Australia. You can’t believe the mainstream media who spin lies to protect their cover up cash-cow
  • WARNING: This inconvenient truth will shock you. They’ve lied to you for years but I’ll show you what’s really happening behind closed doors
  • The real estate investment strategy that’s a win-win for both parties. Be the hero and become financially free at the same time!
  • The 3 foolproof steps that take you from constant losses to weekly profits in 90 days or less. Even the most clueless investor can follow these steps and make themselves a second income

Dear friend,

Why do you like losing money on your real estate investments each week?

Or working yourself to the bone just to keep your investments afloat?

And why do you like telling your spouse you’ve lost money AGAIN this month?

If you want to put a stop to this madness and start making profit from your real estate investments every week, month and year, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Because I’m going to shine a light on the LIES the Australian government and mainstream media have fed you about Negative Gearing.

You see, it’s not your fault you’re losing money on your real estate investments. Everyone is shouting from the rooftops that negative gearing is the be all and end all of real estate investing.

I’m about to show you it’s nothing but a sham designed to benefit only the elite investors in the country.

But before we go any further, let me briefly introduce myself so you know who I am and why you should listen to me at all.

My name is Paul Zalitis and I’m a leader in Australian real estate investment. I’ve been making serious profit from real estate for the last 32 years but I haven’t always been the property expert I am today…

My story’s probably similar to your own, one of a typical hard working Aussie growing up in the 70’s.

I left school in year 10, itching to start work and make money.

I found work as a storeman and packer in West Ryde. It was hard yakka, 12 hour days lifting bags and packing shelves.

I did that for a few years and then found a job at the local Abattoir.

I stayed there 11 years, cutting, prepping and packing meat with some rough characters. 

All the while, developing my passion for real estate and saving as much as I could with my wife so we could start living our dream of buying our first property.

In 1985 we bought our first unit in West Ryde which I still have today.

And since then we’ve purchased more than 15 properties.

Each time, the process got easier and easier as we found better strategies.

The first 2 or 3 properties were major headaches though.

If you’ve ever tried negative gearing, you’ve experienced the same thing.

All the financial experts in the mainstream media said negative gearing was the thing to do, so all the small time investors, myself included thought we’d be dumb if we didn’t do it.

Sound familiar?

So in the beginning, we negatively geared our properties.

We spent months researching the best areas to try and achieve capital growth.

I spent hours upon hours raking the papers and real estate magazines for information.

This was pre-internet days, mind you…

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we nervously plonked our life savings down on what experts hailed as the next big growth suburb.

It cost around $50,000 to buy that first unit.

Problem was though…

The rental returns nowhere near covered the interest payments on our loan.

So every week we were making a $107.00 loss! Back in 1985 that was a decent amount of cash to bleed constantly.

Anyway, we sucked it up.

Because hey, that’s what everyone was saying to do.

Make a loss and you can claim it against your taxable income.

Sounds good in theory doesn’t it?

That’s what they want you to think…

You see, it IS a great tax loophole.

Even my wife and I, who were working extreme hours to increase our income benefited from the Negative Gearing tax break back in the 80’s.

But they designed this tax dodge mainly for the top investors in the country, the super rich.

The Secret Investment Combination of
Australia’s Richest Real Estate Moguls

The Negative Gearing scam only works when it’s coupled with the Capital Gains Tax.

I think this stuff can get a bit boring, which is why it has gone on undiscovered for so long, but stay with me.

I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can…

The 50% CGT is what allows negative gearing to be used as the tax haven it is.

Basically, the idea is you arrange your affairs so that you have one property making a BIG loss, saving you at least 30c on the dollar and possibly putting you in a lower tax bracket.

Then you make your money when your property appreciates in value and you sell. The 50% CGT means that you only pay tax on HALF that gain, which means you only pay HALF of your marginal tax rate on the full gain.

A very nice strategy.

You might be asking why normal investors aren’t benefiting more from these tax loopholes.

I mean, it IS open for everyone isn’t it?

Here’s why…

These loopholes are only used to their maximum potential when you have enough capital to organise your assets in a way where you are making huge losses on a single property while it appreciates in value and then sell that property.

The difference is they can afford to take the huge losses in order to make the capital gains and the tax benefits.

Normal investors, like me and you, just can’t afford it.

But it’s what they tell us all to do!

Want proof? Check out the graph below I pulled from the ATO website.

You’ll see a disproportion in the amount of tax paid versus negative gearing losses for high income earners…

But these tax brackets have been calculated after the negative gearing losses have been applied, so that would skew the results even more.

We also know that top income earners claim around 350% more negative gearing losses than average Australian investors.

See the following graph…

It looks suspicious doesn’t it?

But I’m about to reveal where they REALLY make the money.

In the graph below, you’ll see the distribution of CGT discounts.

The wealthiest Australian’s receive almost three quarters of total benefits!

What an outrage!

It’s the reason everyday investors usually never get past two properties in their investing lifetime.

You have to support that loss with your income all year before you see any tax break.

Most of us simply CAN’T support that loss with our income.

You’ll have to struggle through this trap for 10 years before you MIGHT have the chance to realise any capital gains.

All the time you’ll be taking a loss of $10k, $15k or even $20k every YEAR in interest.

So you might end up like this poor bloke who tied up $450k over 10 years and barely broke even!

“Been investing since I was 21. I'm now 38. High income. 7x IPs. No kids.

I'm pretty much in the same position as if I just saved all that cash I spent on negative cash flow, deposits and LMI.

Thanks to an unnamed 'premium Inner suburb buyers agent' back in 2007 I bought a very nice period apartment in Toorak (2% yield) instead of 2x $215k houses in Frankston.

The apartment has gone up a little (average of 3% growth over 9 years), but cost me that same amount in negative cash flow. If I sold today I'd just break even. What a waste of a decade”.

- DW

And to think there’s a way this guy could have been making positive cashflow every WEEK for those 10 years…

I’ll get to that in a moment, but first let me tell you one of the BIGGEST reasons you shouldn’t be negative gearing.

You’re basing you investment strategy on a tax loophole that will soon be abolished.

It’s been done before and there’s every chance it will be done again, and soon.

It’s been a hot topic lately in Parliament House and at the very minimum the negative gearing law will be altered.

Does that sound like it’s a safe strategy to you?

Basing your investments on a loophole that might not even exist soon?

Let me ask you this…

What would happen if interest rates were to climb past 8%?

What if rental incomes went down?

And what if house prices fell sharply and you had to pump more money into your home loans to get the LVR down?

Would you still be able to afford the massive losses on your NG properties?

For your sake I hope so…

I know from experience from when we negatively geared in the late 80’s and 90’s, it’s damn hard if things don’t go as planned.

One of our properties was vacant for around 2 months…

When you’re relying on the rental income to pay off most of the mortgage it stings when it’s not there. You haven’t budgeted for it so you have to scratch around to come up with the extra $1000.00 or more.

We had to scrape what we had together and then borrow off family to make the extra payments. It was that or miss a payment and affect our credit rating!

It doesn’t have to be like this though.

What if I told you there was a better way…

A safer way…

A way you could make positive cashflow from your properties every week, month and year?

AND you get a juicy lump sum payout when you want it.

Does that interest you?

Of course it does!

So what the hell am I talking about?

I’m talking about Vendor Financing.

It’s been my real estate strategy for the past 10 years, ever since I cottoned on to the NG scam.

I’ve used it to generate $307,467.56 part time, stress free, WITHOUT forking out losses to the bank every week.

How does that sound to you?

Now, like I said, real estate investing is a passion-hobby for me so I’ve only done this part time.

But if you have a decent amount of capital and you want to make real estate investing your full-time gig, you could make much more than I have.

It can make you incredibly wealthy, and the best part is, you start making cashflow right from the start!

Here’s just a few of the things that make Vendor Financing your best real estate strategy…

  • It’s the real estate investment strategy that’s a win-win for both parties. You can become financially free and help good hearted Aussies finally own their own home and escape the rental trap
  • Slashes your negative gearing losses. Start making an income from real estate TODAY
  • Generates rivers of revenue through positive cashflow in real estate.We all dream of multiple income streams, but you can now make it your reality!

Now you might not know what’s involved in vendor financing a home…

And that’s okay…

You see, after I started doing this for a few years I thought it would be great if there was a course on how to get started.

That way more people could get out of the NG trap and start helping every day Aussies get into a home.

So that’s when the idea to create something for Aussie investors, just like you was born.

I spent over 2 years compiling research and bringing all my cash generating methods together to give you an A-Z, step by step guide to start generating positive cashflow through vendor finance.

But before we go any further, let me tell you what this program is not…

  • It’s not another outdated book full of old advice that doesn’t make sense in today’s economy
  • It’s not another dumb program crammed with fluff and no real meat
  • It’s not another crap home study course that you look at once and then sits on the shelf and gathers dust
  • And it’s not the ramblings of some two-minute real estate expert that hasn’t even bought a property before

Now that’s out of the way, let me introduce…

The Aussie Wrapper’s
Complete Guide

It’s the Bible of Vendor Finance in Australia. This guide is a complete step-by-step program that takes you from real estate newbie to positive cashflow king in under 90 days. The proven methods and processes you’ll find within the pages make generating positive cashflow from real estate quick and easy. These fill in the blank templates give you edge over any other person in the market.

Here’s just a taste of the lucrative secrets you’ll discover inside…

  • The tiny classified ad that helped bring me over $300,000.00 part time in only 10 years. Use it year after year to bring you positive cashflow streams
  • Fill in the blank contract templates that save you thousands of $$$’s in solicitor fees. Use them again and again and never pay a royalty EVER!
  • The 7 vital MUST HAVES you need before you embark on your vendor finance journey. (pg.15)
  • The 3 things you must seek out like a detective when finding the right property. Miss one of these and you’re leaving a stack of money on the table (pg.13)
  • The 2 secret techniques that make your property ads jump off the page and grab your prospects by the eyeballs. They can’t help but read them and call you for an inspection
  • The 23 point checklist that ensures you only buy the best homes. Never be caught out buying a dud property that eats your profits again (pg.52)
  • The 11 step phone script that converts leads to face to face inspections like crazy. Flood your houses with prospective buyers all competing with each other to buy at top dollar (pg.39)
  • The best places to advertise that cost peanuts but bring prospective buyers to you like bees to honey. Don’t be caught wasting thousands of $$$’s in expensive magazines. These effective low cost options save you a packet

    And I’m only scratching the surface, here’s more…
  • What you must NEVER do in a vendor finance deal. This one devastating mistake could be enough to end your investing career
  • The proven, battle tested advertising templates that bring prospective buyers to you in hordes. You send your phone into a meltdown when you run these profit pulling ads
  • The 7 terms you MUST include in every offer. These terms make sellers buckle and drop their price faster than Usain Bolt sprints 100 meters. (pg. 17)
  • How to protect yourself in a vendor finance deal. These precautions protect you like a bulletproof vest if things don’t go as planned
  • 5 jam-packed sections that walk you through the process of vendor finance. These are the exact methods and templates I have used to make over $307,000.00 part time
  • The low down on exactly which areas you need to buy in for maximum success. Never waste countless hours exploring dud areas again
  • The 137 word template that saves you 10’s of thousands of $$$ when purchasing property. This one document alone is worth an absolute fortune
  • The secret method that attracts only the best, most qualified buyers. These lovely folks put money in your pocket week after week, sometimes for years
  • Examples, forms and templates of everything you need to go from fresh newbie to positive cashflow king. You’ll never wonder what to do next because it’s all been done for you, just copy and paste!

Okay, by now I’m sure you can see the incredible value contained within the Aussie Wrapper Guide.

And you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to invest to get your hands on it and start generating cashflow.

But before we get to that, let me explain…

This opportunity is not for everyone.

  • If you’re the type of person that buys stuff, does nothing with it and expects results
  • If you expect to make a million dollars overnight with this program
  • If you can’t afford your own mortgage let alone a second one
  • Or if you expect this type of life-altering information for free…

Then this program is not for you.

If those descriptions above don’t fit you, then please read on…

Seeing as this guide gives you all the tools, knowledge and templates you need to start making up to $30,000.00 a year part time how much would you expect to lay out?

$10,000? That way you’d be in the clear after 4 short months and generating pure profit.

Well if you WERE thinking that much I have good news for you…

Even though I could charge that much for this information, I’ve chosen to keep the price way down.

In fact, you won’t even pay half that.

So how much is it?

Not $5000.

Not $3000

Not even $2000

Get ready to let out a sigh of relief…

You can get started on your journey to positive cashflow from real estate today for just $297 plus three easy monthly instalments of $297 ($1188 total)

Or if you want to save some money you can do it in one easy transaction of $997 (you save $191.00)

Now before we move forward I’ve got something else to share with you.

Something that will make your positive cashflow journey even easier.


The Aussie Wrapper Guide GOLD Package

In this deluxe style package you’ll receive the Aussie Wrapper Guide and all the tools, templates and scripts contained within the pages.

PLUS you also receive…

  • The 2017 Aussie Wrapper E-Course(Value $497.00)
    This comprehensive e-course supports you and keeps you on track during your first 12 weeks. Even though I’ve broken things down as simply as possible within the Aussie Wrapper Guide, this e-course will make sure you stay on track.
  • Consultation Call with The Aussie Wrapper(Value $197.00)
    This one call could prove be the most profitable phone call of your life. You’ll get 45 bank boosting minutes with me, the Aussie Wrapper. Pick my brain, get me working on YOUR personal strategy, tailored to YOUR situation and needs. After this call you’ll have the roadmap to your success in positively geared property.
  • 12 Months Email Support(Value $497.00)
    If you’re afraid that after the transaction is done, you’ll be left alone to fend for yourself, think again! I want to ensure your success. That’s why in the Aussie Wrapper Guide GOLD package you can email me any time you want when you need help. Have a question you need answered? Not sure what steps to take next? Want my opinion on a property you’re looking at? No problem! Simply send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You’ll get this unprecedented access to me for a full 12 MONTHS!
  • My Rolodex of Industry Contacts(At least $997.00)
    A lot of the time it’s not what you know but WHO you know that counts. And that’s damn true in the real estate industry. Over the past 30 years of investing in Real Estate, I’ve accumulated some highly valuable industry contacts. This allows me to get better deals on houses, get better deals from banks and better deals with marketing and advertising. Contacts like these are literally priceless, they save and make me thousands every year. If you need help in any area, I’d be happy to connect you with my contacts, all you have to do is let me know.
  • ‘The 7 Biggest Fears People Have About Wrapping a House for Profit’ DVD (Value $37.00)
    This DVD takes you through the 7 biggest fears that stop people just like you from wrapping houses for profit in Australia. I’ll take you through these fears and debunk them one by one so you’ll have the confidence to move forward and start profiting right away.
  • The Australian Wrap Report(Value $27.00)
    A candid interview where I, Paul Zalitis aka The Aussie Wrapper, spill the beans on some of your most pressing questions about vendor finance. I reveal a smorgasbord of gold nuggets throughout the chunky 33 page document, in a format different to anything else I’ve done before.


That’s a total of $2252.00 of extra value!

So how much more is the GOLD package?

You can get started with the Aussie Wrapper GOLD Package today for just $497 plus three easy monthly instalments of $497 ($1988 total).

Or if you want to save a few bucks you can do it in one easy transaction of $1697 (you save $291.00)


I’m going to do something really special.

Something I’ve never done before and will likely never do again.

For the first 20 investors only, you can have the Aussie Wrapper Guide GOLD package for the price of the standard package.

That’s right, that’s not a misprint.

You can have all the extra bonuses included in the GOLD package for the price of the standard.

But ONLY for the first 20 investors.

After that you’ll have to make the full investment if you want the GOLD package.

Click the Buy Now button below now…


Now, I know that’s a lot to take in so I’ve put all the details in the table below.

Here’s everything you get in the Aussie Wrapper Guide GOLD Package…





Aussie Wrapper Guide




Aussie Wrapper E-Course




Consultation Call with the Aussie Wrapper




12 Months Email Support




Rolodex of Industry Contacts




7 Biggest Fears DVD




The Australian Wrap Report









So what are you waiting for? If you’re seriously ready to slash your negative gearing losses and start making positive cashflow from real estate every day, week, month and year, then here’s your answer.

PLUS, you risk nothing by saying YES right now. Let me explain…

My No Risk, Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee to You

Order my product now, flip through the pages and reap the rewards of the profit generating templates and strategies. Soak up the 32 years of real estate investment knowledge that I’ve boiled down and given you in a no-fluff, easy to consume manual.

And in the extremely unlikely event you’re not absolutely delighted with my product, you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you invested, hassle free, no questions asked. All you have to do is return the product to me and let me know in writing within 30 days of purchase.

But wait, there’s more…

My Brass Balls DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

Embark on your positive cashflow journey and soak up the Aussie Wrapper’s Complete Guide for a FULL 12 MONTHS.

Use the templates to save money on your offers, use the advertising methods to get your phone ringing off the hook, and use the screening processes to ensure you get only the most qualified clients.

I’m so confident that in the extremely unlikely event you do all this and don’t complete a vendor finance deal in the first 12 months, I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back for wasting your time.

But there is a catch…

You need to take my knowledge and guidance and show me where you’ve applied it.

Show me the steps you’ve taken. Show me your applications to the banks. Show me your offers to purchase….

And if you haven’t completed at least one vendor finance deal in the first 12 months you’ll get DOUBLE your money back of every cent you’ve invested with me.

You see, if you don’t complete at least one deal after 12 months then I’ve failed you. It’s as simple as that!

Click the Buy Now button below right now and take the leap towards a better financial future today…


It’s one thing for me to tell you how great the Aussie Wrapper’s Guide is, and for me to back it up with TWO Brass Balls Guarantees…

But now I want to show some of my happy and successful clients.

Here’s just a couple of my students that have made serious money from my information and training and what they had to say…

“Hi Paul,

I want to sincerely say thank you for your mentorship through the wrapping my first property. You were always approachable, you gave me the time I needed to talk through things, you followed me up to see where things were at and you gave me extra tips on how to ask certain questions in the most effective way when qualifying applicants.

Since my first wrap, doing a couple of courses and time spend talking to you, I have moved on to do a second mortgage carry back on another property. Most excitingly, I have now commenced my own company named Private Sales Made Easy which is trading as Buying Your Home.

Thank you so much again Paul for your support!!!”

Ilham Aukusitino


“I bought a house for a vendor finance deal, and I was having trouble finding people to get into the house. I had a basic grasp of how the wrapping process worked but I was getting a lot of the little details wrong.

Once Paul came along and helped me fine tune my ads in the paper, I started receiving a lot more phone calls. He also helped me with the lingo to use to make the clients feel comfortable and get them familiar with how the process works when they come and inspect the home.

I’d definitely recommend Paul the Aussie Wrapper to other clients. He helped me get my first deal done and I think if you can get someone you can talk to and someone you can ring it makes a heap of difference on that first deal.

I recommend people just get in there and have a go and trust that Paul will be there to help you with anything you need to know and answer any questions you may have”.

Greg Higgins

These students are now well on their way to financial freedom using the systems and strategies they learnt from me.

I don’t say that to brag, I say it so you understand what’s possible for YOU.

So now the ball’s in your court. Are you ready to be exposed to my unique money making system? A system that slashes your negative gearing losses and gives you positive cashflow from your properties week after week?

Remember, you’ll get a system that…

  • Takes you from constant losses to weekly profits in 90 days or less. Even the most clueless investor can follow these steps and make themselves a second income
  • Walks you through the complete process of vendor finance. These are the exact methods and templates I have used to make over $307,000.00 part time
  • Gives you examples, forms and templates of everything you need to go from fresh newbie to positive cashflow king. You’ll never wonder what to do next because it’s all been done for you, just copy and paste!


And not only that, you can implement the system at your own pace.

If you’re a seasoned investor with a decent amount of capital behind them, that’s perfect. You can leverage off your capital and wrap up to a house a month! Imagine the rivers of revenue streaming into your bank account each week. And once it’s set up, you can put it on autopilot so you’re making money whether you’re at home, on the beach, even asleep!

And if you’re brand new to the property investing game, it’s perfect for you too. You won’t be caught up in the Negative Gearing scam. You’ll be making positive cashflow right from the start of your investment journey. Think of all the years of struggle and grind you’ve avoided by getting the RIGHT strategy at the beginning.

Whatever your investment experience, you’ll be amazed at the ease and speed you’ll begin to make positive cashflow using the tools, templates and strategies in the Aussie Wrapper Guide.

And you can get started right now for less than a couple of coffees a day.

Could you afford two coffees a day to start your journey to financial freedom, passive income and multiple revenue streams?

Of course you can!

All you have to do to claim your package is hit the ‘Buy Now’ button below…


You’ll then be taken to safe and secure transaction page.

Simply follow the prompts and fill in your details.

After you’ve approved the transaction, I’ll rush you your package by Priority Mail. You should receive it within 3-5 business days.

And then, get ready for a better, brighter and wealthier investing future.

Whatever you decide, live with passion and be the best investor you can be – give it a red hot go!



Paul Zalitis

The Aussie Wrapper


P.S.            Don’t forget! When you’re one of the first 20 investors, you’ll get the Aussie Wrapper Guide Gold Package for the standard price. That’s a HUGE $2479.00 savings. But after that you’ll need to invest the full amount, so don’t miss out, order NOW!

P.P.S.        Remember, you have nothing to lose by saying YES right now. You are covered by my risk free, personal guarantee, so you can order with confidence. In the unlikely event you think the Aussie Wrapper Guide is not for you, then all you have to do is let me know and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every cent you’ve invested, hassle free, no questions asked.

P.P.P.S.     Frankly, I know these packages will fly off the shelf faster than a politician breaks an election promise, so whether you invest today or not makes no difference to me. But it WILL make a huge difference to you. You could embark on a brighter, easier financial future. Or you could continue struggling to support your negatively geared investments, spending $1 to make a 30c return. The choice is yours.