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FROM: Paul Zalitis – The Aussie Wrapper               

SUBJECT: New ‘Ultimate FREE Gift Pack’ answers all your questions about Vendor Finance and shows you how to start making positive cashflow from your property investments

Here’s just a mere fraction of what lies within your Ultimate FREE Gift Pack…

  • The sage advice Robert Kiyosaki gave me 12 years ago which shattered everything I knew about real estate investing. This is how the world’s elite investors make large chunks of money in real estate withminimal risk
  •  How to ‘bullet proof’ your investment strategy in today’s volatile economy. Investors around the country just like you are incredibly vulnerable using traditional investment methods. Find out how you can dodge the financial blow set to rock Australia
  • The ONE thing you need to do right now to start making maximum profit from your real estate investments. Many newbies overlook this vital step and it costs them THOUSANDS every year…you’ll know how to avoid this expensive lesson right from the outset
  • Take a look inside the head of Australia’s leading vendor finance coach. Paul Zalitis aka The Aussie Wrapper brings you not one but TWO expert interviews to give you the full scoop on wrapping houses
  • How you can start banking weekly cheques instead of forking out a negative gearing loss. Put an end to the insanity that is negatively geared investing TODAY and save yourself a tonne of pain, time and money
  • The quickest and easiest way to reach your investment goals with vendor finance. Once you’ve seen the power of vendor finance and decided it’s the right path for you, the fastest way from getting started to banking the cheques is laid out right in front of you
  • How a blue collar investor finally made good in real estate after 20 years of struggle and grind. You’ll discover the simple changes I made to my investment strategy that gave me my breakthrough

And I’m just getting started, here’s more…

  • The INCONVENIENT TRUTH about investing in Aussie real estate today. Mainstream media keeps peddling the same message to investors across the country…and it’s a SCAM. You get the cold hard facts throughout this info pack so you make an informed decision on your investing future
  • WARNING! If you’ve had negative gearing investing drummed into your head for decades then you’re in for a shock. The info in this pack will be a rude awakening…but a massively profitable one if you take it on board
  • The three simple steps to launch your new exciting journey in vendor finance. We all know time is money…so the faster you can wave goodbye to mainstream real estate investing and start wrapping houses the better. These steps will have you on the right path in just days!
  • The troughs and pitfalls that stop investors getting started in vendor finance. I debunk the myths and misconceptions about vendor finance that stop people before they even get started…so you can move forward without unneeded stress and worry
  • The CRUCIAL component that makes or breaks any vendor finance deal. Get this one thing wrong and you’re chances of making a profitable deal are DOOMED right from the start
  • The secret low cost marketing strategies that make your phone run red hot with people desperate for your property. These simple methods have allowed me to bank more than $300k part time the last 10 years alone...and the best part is you don’t have to be a marketing genius for any of them!
  • The Aussie Wrapper’s ‘10 Golden Rules to Wrapping a Property’. When you follow these simple rules you dramatically limit your risks and increase your profits on each deal. Ignore them at your own peril!
  • How to make your own ‘revenue rainbow’ with a $20k pot of gold at the end. You can make a steady monthly income of $300-500 or more PURE PROFIT. But the real kicker is at the end when you bank your HUGE 5-figure refinancing cheque
  • And far too much to mention here in some mere bullets.  You’ll be left thinking to yourself…The Aussie Wrapper has gone MAD for giving this away FREE!

Dear Friend,

If you’re sick and tired of being sucked dry by your negatively geared investments and want to FINALLY discover how to make positive cashflow from property then I have good news for you…

It IS possible to generate income from your real estate investments!

And I’m not talking about ‘diamonds in the rough’ that produce more rent then your mortgage payments.

Good luck finding them on a regular basis…


There’s a much easier way.

A more consistent way.

A way where YOU can receive payments week after week for hundreds of dollars.

And you know the best part?

At the end of the year you get a HUGE lump sum payout, sometimes more than $20,000.00 - $30,000.00!

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t be so sure.

Stay with me and I’ll explain everything…

I’m talking about Vendor Finance – a little known and often overlooked strategy within Australia.

But here’s the thing…

Most of the world’s best property investors – like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump – all use it to make massive profits.

But it’s not just for the big boys…

Everyday investors like you and me can use this powerful strategy just as easily.

It’s been my real estate strategy for the past 10 or so years, after two decades of toiling with ‘buy and hold’ strategies and negative gearing.

I’ve used it to generate $307,467.56 part time, stress free, WITHOUT forking out losses to the bank every week.



How does that sound to you?

Now real estate investing is a passion-hobby for me so I’ve only done this part time.

But if you have a decent amount of capital and you want to make real estate investing your full-time gig, you could make much more than I have.

It can make you incredibly wealthy, and the best part is, you start making cashflow right from the start!

Here’s just a few of the things that make Vendor Financing your best real estate strategy…

  • It’s the real estate investment strategy that’s a win-win for both parties. You can become financially free and help good hearted Aussies finally own their own home and escape the rental trap
  • Slashes your negative gearing losses. Start making an income from real estate TODAY
  • Generates rivers of revenue through positive cashflow in real estate. We all dream of multiple income streams, but you can now make it your reality!

Now you might not know what’s involved in vendor financing a home…

And that’s okay…

It’s one of the main reasons I put together this Ultimate FREE Gift Pack in the first place – so you can get an understanding of the fundamentals of wrapping a home for profit.

Full disclosure…

The other reason I put it together, and made it FREE is so you can get to know me and understand how I can help you make more money with your real estate investments.

You see…

I realise the internet is full of scam-artists and wannabes.

You’ve probably been ripped off or let down by one of them before – I know I have…

So by making it FREE you have a risk-free way of getting some great info and getting to know me.

Once you’ve been through my Ultimate FREE Gift Pack and seen how profitable vendor finance can be for you I’m sure you’ll want more help.

And there’s plenty of ways I can help you begin using vendor finance to produce positive cashflow.

But I’m getting ahead of myself now…

I suppose by now you want to know what’s included in your Ultimate FREE Gift Pack.

Here’s what you get…

  • ‘The 7 Biggest Fears People Have About Wrapping a House for Profit’ DVD (Value $37.00)
    This DVD takes you through the 7 biggest fears that stop people just like you from wrapping houses for profit in Australia. I’ll take you through these fears and debunk them one by one so you’ll have the confidence to move forward and start profiting right away

  • ‘Positive Cashflow Property Investing Secrets’ Audio CD (Value $17.95)
    Paul Zalitis aka The Aussie Wrapper gives an in depth and candid interview where he reveals the most effective strategies for making positive cashflow in Australian real estate he’s discovered in over 30 years of investing

  • Vendor Finance Lead Generation Resource DVD and Audio CD (Value $19.95)
    A quick look at one of the many methods The Aussie Wrapper uses to generate dozens of leads for his properties. This recording shows you one of the most effective ways of building a hot list of potential clients BEFORE you’ve even put any money into a house!

  • ‘The Australian Wrap Report’ Package (Value $97.00)
    Another profit packed interview where The Aussie Wrapper spills the beans on some of your most pressing questions about vendor finance. He reveals a smorgasbord of gold nuggets throughout the chunky 33 page document, which also comes with an Audio CD and virtual copy so you can listen along at your convenience or upload to your e-reader


That’s SIX DISCS and a spiral bound report crammed with information on how you can get started making weekly profits with vendor finance.

And it’s all FREE!

I’ll cover the cost of the CD’s and DVD’s, the cases, the artwork and printing…

All I ask is that you cover the cost of postage and handling – just $14.95.

That way I won’t send myself broke when savvy Aussie investors, just like you, all beat my door down to get their copy.

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Paul Zalitis
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