Have you checked out the latest property prices around the area you would like to invest. 

Have you got properties around you that have been on the market for sometime, these properties may be over valued and have an unrealistic price set on them. The…

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What sort of house do you need for Vendor Finance?

 As an experienced Vendor finance Property Investor I have a few rules I follow, this is one of them:

 I purchase 3 to 4 Bedroom homes that are made of brick or have been cladded (this is when the fibro…

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Are you selling your home?

If you have come to the point of selling your property, make sure that it is a decision that will not hurt your future financial position and independence.

I believe that it will even be better for you to have acquired a new home once…

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There are so many houses for sale in many parts of Australia.   You can buy good homes by going to open houses or participating in auctions.

No matter what the method is, there are important things to bear in mind before you buy a house:

1.) Spend ample time to go…

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