The property industry is in an upswing, says the latest news. I believe that real estate has always been a widely held investment alternative in Australia. This asset has always managed to generate acceptable ROI despite the volatility of the market and recent economic downturn in most parts of the world.

Property investors should realize that purchasing homes directly as an investment is different from investing in a specifically-managed fund. Here are a few recommendations that I believe will help savvy property investors:

Do not purchase any property without studying the location and geographical factors.

Avoid being a compulsive shopper. Be wise in making decisions.

Solicit independent suggestions from colleagues and relatives while acquiring professional services of a competent accountant and property appraisal expert.

Keep in mind that interest rates and expenses related to the property are considered eligible for tax deductions.

Finally, think big and look at the purchase from a long-term position.

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Paul Zalitis
The Aussie Wrapper